Founded in 2016 by two former MA American History students, the Washington Walrus (WW) combines a sense of playful wonderment with a sharp, purposeful critique of American politics and all things associated.

We express what we believe and try to justify our opinions in a rapidly changing political environment. However, if you feel two Irish guys aren’t up to task- then please comment and spark a debate.

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The WW features two category of article, they are:


Spotlight at the Washington Walrus tussles with big issues by pulling no punches, and opens up the larger questions on American history and the current U.S. political environment.


Pulse at the Washington Walrus tackles topical, but no less critical subjects in a more lighthearted yet pensive approach.

The writers:


Matthew O’Brien        official-twitter-button-300  fb-art  New-instagram-logo-Thumbnail-Grafik-Blog

Matthew is a 25 year old PhD student of American History and a MA graduate. His Master’s dissertation focused on the political, economic, and revolutionary elements of the Black Power Movement that contributed to a nuanced racial consciousness among African Americans in the 1960s. His main areas of interest are: black history, American politics, presidential histories, and race relations.


Andrew Carolan          official-twitter-button-300  fb-art

Andrew is a 24 year old MA American History graduate who feels nostalgic for times gone by, even before him. His Master’s dissertation dealt with the Carter administration and what it means to be an ‘outsider’ on capitol hill. His main areas of interest are: Presidential and leadership legacies,  media relations, pop culture history, and partisan politics.


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